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Pallotti High School History

Pallotti High School is a Catholic high school and offers its students a wide range of learning opportunities in academics, athletics, performing arts, and extra-curricular activities.


As there was no school building, the attic of the convent was remodeled into classrooms and a needlework room. From the beginning, Pallotti High School has had a home economics bias; all students are required to take cookery and needlework as part of our program for training better Christian homemakers.


When work began on the construction of the new high school building, there were three forms housed in the convent and an enrollment of 117. A bitter trial was ours when, at the end of May, it was discovered that the new building, then three stories high, had begun to sink and was at least eighteen inches lower at the rear than at the front. As a result, the completion of the school was delayed for nearly a year and one form had to use the Parish Hall at St. Joseph for a classroom.


At last, at the end of August 1961, our brightly painted, very modernly equipped school was ready for its blessing. Just two months after the blessing of Pallotti High School, hurricane Hattie wreaked havoc on our country. Pallotti did not escape. All the furnishings for the entire ground floor had to be replaced, including all the equipment in the domestic science kitchen, furniture for two classrooms, and all the office equipment and supplies.


Discussion began about the expansion of Pallotti High School in the latter part of 2005. The vision was to increase enrolment at least to 450 rather than 350, in order to allow more girls to have access to a quality education and be empowered to become productive citizens.

A team of interested parents and alumnae along with the Pallottine sisters joined the committee responsible for overseeing the building becoming a reality. This committee was chaired by Mr. Paul Lecky, who was a member of the Board of Governors of Pallotti High School and the Chair of the Development and Maintenance Committee.


The Auxiliary Bishop Dorick Wright held the ground-breaking ceremony in January 2006. Mr. Antonio Gonzalez was the architect and contributed tremendously to the project as he personally supervised the work together with his wife Sandra who was also an alumna of P.H.S.


The exterior of S & G Hall was completed through the generosity of BENNY’S HOME CENTER by plastering and painting the building. The first floor houses three classrooms, one conference room, the main administration office, and the vice principal’s office. The second floor houses the staff room, a kitchenette, an incomplete media room, an accounts office, a principal’s office, and a classroom.

Pallotti High School, founded on Roman Catholic principles, educates young women to become productive, exemplary, and responsible citizens, by providing a dynamic and holistic curriculum, which caters to our evolving diverse and multicultural society.

Pallotti High School strives to be a healthy and supportive environment where students are equipped with a holistic education to function in a global world.

Pallotti High School does not regard its role, or even its chief role, as the preparation of the students for a job or higher studies. It recognizes a need to expand education beyond the boundaries of the merely academic into the personal lives of its students.

Therefore, it provides those experiences, which will help each develop as a person. It considers most important her psychological, social, moral, and spiritual integrity.

Pallotti High School aims at the intellectual growth and personal development of its students. It is concerned with the development of true Christians who strive to understand and practice the Catholic religion and who participate in the apostolic work of the Church. It strives to educate its students to an awareness of their duties as citizens and of the need for wider and deeper concern for their society and for the world community.

Prayer in Honor of St. Vincent Pallotti

Saint Vincent Pallotti, you were molded by God, the infinite love. You answered God’s call to serve Him. You were
there for those seeking counsel, for the sick, for the

youth and the aging, for the rich and the poor, and for people of any profession and walk of life.
All were important to you.

You wanted to inspire each and everyone for the Kingdom of God, reminding people of their duty

to be apostles and prepare them for this work.

Now I call upon you to intercede for me. Help me to pray.
Help me to pray only for what I truly need,

what I can truly use, what is for my salvation and the honor of God. You received many graces and gifts from God. You always thanked God beforehand, as if your prayer had already been answered.

Pallotti High School Song

Ala la la la la la la la la
Ala la la la la la la la la (2x)
Cho: We welcome you to Pallotti High School Vincent set the stage, and we follow P-a-l-l-o-t-t-t-i High P-a-l-l-o-t-t-t-i High

The charity of Christ impels us on Vincent set the stage and we follow Fell the zeal and humility Vincent set the stage and we follow. Cho.

Vincent formed the UAC Vincent set the stage and we follow All for the infinite glory of God Vincent set the stage and we follow. Cho.