A message from the Principal

A message from the Principal

Dear Pallottine Parent(s)/Guardian(s) & Students:

May the Peace of the Risen Christ be with you as we continue to deal with the harsh realities of the COVID-19 both locally and globally. Our thoughts and prayers continue for all those who are suffering physically, financially, and emotionally.

Faculty, Staff and Students – Embracing to a New Form of Distance Learning

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their cooperation and flexibility as we transitioned to online learning with little or no warning. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate all the resources and suggestions ensuring the best practices for our school community.
Sincere thanks extended to our faculty, and staff for their dedication and commitment to ensure continuity of instruction in a new environment. In many cases, teachers have gone outside their comfort zone as they transmit learning in a remote manner. Teachers are spending countless hours in planning, delivering instruction, staying in contact with students and parents, in reviewing student work and going beyond the learning required to utilize different instructional modes.

Parents and Students: Please follow these guidelines:

Parents: So far, the online platform has performed well. We strongly encourage you to make sure that the students follow their regular schedule. They need to submit their assignments/projects by the due dates and they need to communicate with their teachers if they have specific questions. We have encouraged teachers to find ways to have personal contact with their students, to keep them engaged. Some are using ZOOM and Microsoft Teams and others use WhatsApp or email since that is working well for them. Please be sure to check Abacus regularly and read the comments provided by the teachers, should there be any concerns, please make sure to contact either me, the vice-principal, your student’s teachers, or the counsellor. We have emphasized to the teachers and staff to respond to the students and parents’ emails or text messages in a timely manner.

We need your help and support for the student’s success. The teachers are there for them. First and second form students need to show you the work they are submitting. Third and fourth form students should know the importance of getting assignments completed and being on task. Communicate with the teachers if the student should get sick.

If students have not finished their assignment during the given time, then have them spend a reasonable amount of time in the evening on their assignments. We do understand that many of our students also have other duties and chores they must help with at home that may interfere with their day. If that is the case, communicate this to the teachers. Please understand that our staff also face the same challenges while trying to teach from home and taking care of their own families who are also at home.

Students: Submit all assignments and projects on time. If you have any questions, make sure to ask the teachers. The teachers are very understanding about the situation. If you have not communicated with your teachers, and you are several days late with the work, then there will be consequences, as per normal. If the work is not turned in at all, then teachers may assign a “0”. You must ensure effective communication.

Try to do your work as per your schedule. Make sure you are always prepared and if you want to get ahead, you may. Use the resources teachers have provided. Read and take notes after your readings. Take picture or scan your math work and email these to your teachers if you have been instructed to do so. If you follow your schedule each day, you will not get overwhelmed, do not procrastinate. There should be no excuses for procrastination. This is a time when you must be disciplined. Take appropriate breaks if needed and rest.

As we know all too well, every day is a new day in the fight against this pandemic, things change quickly, and uncertainty continues to prevail. We should also be mindful that every day is a new gift from God and that in God, hope prevails.

Events on the school calendar will be communicated via website and Abacus.

Our academic year will continue, and might conclude, with e-learning. On Monday April 27, 2020, E-learning begins and we will be implementing a shortened class schedule in order to reduce the amount of screen time. Your schedule can be found on the school’s Facebook page.

Click to the link https://www.facebook.com/109206050532162/posts/216694379783328/

*Asynchronous learning environment will be utilized via Microsoft Team, Google Classroom, Schoology, Whatsapp etc. – this will guarantee all students the opportunity to learn in all time zones. * Synchronous engagements (see the schedule above) will be utilized via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. to support learning and socio-emotional well-being of students through real-time sessions.

Finally, parents please encourage your teenagers to practice social distancing, by not gathering at one another’s home during these days when we have been asked to shelter in our homes with our families, and practice proper hygiene. Please take care of yourselves and continue to pray and do whatever you need to do to keep a positive attitude. God willing this will pass soon. We can help by adhering to the guidelines of our Prime Minister in consultation with the Ministry of Health.

“My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.” Psalm 62:1-2

Yours in Christ,

Sr. Clara Teul, S.A.C. Principal