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History of Pallotti High School

History of Pallotti High SchoolPallotti High School was founded on June 24th, 1957. As there was no school building, the attic of the convent was remodeled into classrooms and a needlework room. From the beginning Pallotti High School has had a home economics bias; all students are required to take cookery and needlework as part of our program for training better Christian home makers.

At the time that Pallotti High School was opened with first form only, and an enrollment of thirty, the Pallottine Sisters took over the Homemakers’ Institute, which up to then, was in the hands of lay teachers. We continued to conduct this institute at the convent until all the students had completed the course.

By 1959 when work began on the construction of the new high school building, there were three forms housed in the convent and an enrollment of 117. A bitter trial was ours when, at the end of May, it was discovered that the new building, then three stories high, had begun to sink and was at least eighteen inches lower at the rear than at the front. As a result the completion of the school was delayed for nearly a year and one form had to use the Parish Hall at St. Joseph for a classroom. At last, at the end of August, 1961, our brightly painted, very modernly equipped school was ready for its blessing.

Just two months after the blessing of Pallotti High School, hurricane Hattie wreaked havoc with our country. Pallotti did not escape. All the furnishings for the entire ground floor had to be replaced, including all the equipment in the domestic science kitchen, furniture for two classrooms and all the office equipment and supplies. Thanks to the generous aid from Governments, friends, and relatives abroad, Pallotti soon became a buzz of activity.

Now 40 years later, Pallotti has three school buildings and an enrollment of over three hundred students. It offers both academic and commercial courses.